The place is full of Plants

Halo.. My Name is Andrie Dzulfikar, im year X Social Celebes Global School.  I want to share my great experience at Rumah Hijau Denassa (RHD) or Green House of Denassa.

First Thing is, Green. The place is full of Plants. Theres a lot of plants on there, more than 490 kinds of plants.. And when you see everywhere, what you gonna see is Green.. for me its really Nice because its make you feel really calm and peacefull.. but not just plants, Theres a lot of animal life on here.. In here we can learn about Flora and fauna, about wetland ecosystem, music, local history, and nature.

Second Thing is, Friendly.. The family of Rumah Hijau Denassa is really kind.. When we arrived, they welcomed us very well.. Make us feel really comfortable, they are always smile.. They are really good people.. I think while I was there, Im really happy. Because I can see a lots of thing that never see before

Thanks a lot Rumah Hijau Denassa for the great experience

Andrie Dzulfikar, Siswa Celebes Global School

Andrie Dzulfikar, Siswa Celebes Global School

Andrie Dzulfikar

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